Publisher FAQ

1.Which types of website are accepted ?

We accept almost all types of website.

2. Which ad formats are supported and how many ad units can be placed on a single page?

- We support standard ad formats: 300x250, 728x90, 468x60, 120x600, 160x600, 800x440.

- You can put maximum two ad tag on a single page.

3. How can I increase my earnings?

Revenue is based on many factors such as Clicks, Country and website content. The best way to increase revenue is moving advertise closer to your website content.

4. How do you check Fraud or SPAM?

We do not tolerate any kind of Fraud or SPAM and we take stern action to check it. We will terminate the account immediately and all the earnings of the Publisher will be forfeited.

5. Can I put ad tags on various websites ?

No, AdsAche Ad tags only appear on the approved site.

6. When will I get paid?

1. Revenue that you earn in the current month will be summarized at the end of the month, and payment will be sent to you on the 25th of next month.

2. If you earn less than the current threshold ($100) at the end of the month, your earnings will be carried over to the next month.

7. What is the payment threshold and what are my payment methods ?

1. Our minimum payment threshold is $100 and Payment 's handled automatically.

2. Currently we only offer PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Bank wire transfer as payment methods.

3. For Payoneer, you need to reach threshold ($500) before we send you the payment.

(Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer)

(The minimum bank wire transfer payment threshold : $1000)

8. What will I get if I introduce a new member ?

You will earn 5% of the income of publishers that you have introduced.

9. I do not get any clicks on an ad, what will I get?

The ads are working but if you do not get any click, you will not receive revenue.

10. If my ads get more clicks, will I receive more revenue ?

If you receive many clicks on ads, surely, your revenue will be high.

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